The CoolSlim Plan is only £20 per month (recurring unless cancelled). You can cancel at any time by giving one month’s notice.
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"I see the Coolslim Plan as the way forward in this jungle of obesity, unhealthy lifestyles, lack of motivation and exercise. You will be motivated to be the best you can be naturally"
- Prof. R Cambell, Bolton University

For most people, a balanced meal is considered to be one which combines carbohydrates, proteins and fibre. In the CoolSlim Plan, a balanced meal is one that comprises of all 6 tastes. Rather than looking at nutritional tables,calorie counting or food combining the CoolSlim meals naturally guide us towards the nutritional needs of the body. This is achieved by sprinkling the CoolSlim Plan Kapha Spice Mix on your food.

To help metabolism, reduce food cravings and to support losing weight take the CoolSlim Plan Capsules and the Coolherbals Advanced Vitamin and Mineral supplement. The CoolSlim Nutrition has been based on principles that have worked for centuries.

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