CoolSlim Plan with K points to lose weight

CoolSlim Plan with K points to lose weight

K points is our way of making nutrition science simple, and is designed to help guide you to a healthier pattern of everyday eating and lose weight.

The K points system assigns every food and drink a point value - one simple, easy-to-use number based on saturated fat, sugar, and protein, how easy it is to digest, process, and eliminate in the body. It is an arbitrary number that we have devised and assigned to each food.

Foods that are higher in sugar and/or saturated fat are higher in K values, and foods that are higher in lean protein are lower in K values.

K points values are pre-calculated, so when you search for a food in your user4 panel once you have selected our plan, the K value will show up alongside it. Simple!

K points are our most individualised programme: All the plans provided are different as they are designed especially for you depending on your weight, food habits etc to achieve your weight loss goals.

Healthy food with less K points can be consumed. Please check out the recipes in CoolSlim Plan for a healthy and balanced diet.