Our Story

Our Story

"Sushma and Ravi were community pharmacists who kept seeing the same patients coming to their pharmacies every month - with no real improvement to their underlying causes of ill health- obesity being an issue quite often. They felt more emphasis was needed on preventative medicine and getting to the root of the problem as the way forward.

Having travelled around the world and after studying Ayurveda (ancient Indian), Yoga, Nutrition, Massage, and Stress Management they fused Eastern and Western methods of approaches for natural health and wellbeing. From their research, they wrote their book Slimmer In One Hour Slim Forever and devised the CoolSlim Plan. They devised the Kapha or K value of food to substitute calories as a measurement, promote the value of the six tastes and herbs to help weight management plan. health and weight management plan. Hope you find the Plan useful!"

A lot of the people they saw with weight problems were women- 35 years plus. They developed healthy nutritious meal replacement bars and shakes to help women through life’s journey especially the menopause.

Over 6000 therapists have been trained in their therapies.

If you have a question or suggestion please email us at info@coolslimplan.com.

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"I see the CoolSlim Plan as the way forward in this jungle of obesity, unhealthy lifestyles, lack of motivation and exercise. You will be motivated to be the best you can be naturally."

- Prof. R Campbell, Bolton University


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