How to Say No

How to Say No

Learn to say No now and enjoy the weight loss later!

Netflix, Binge watch! Having a snack party during your happy hour? Say No to these little things. Sometimes saying no to these little joys can be harder, so during those times just think about what you are saying yes to?

Mention all your reasons!

Be certain, if you’re saying no to a slice of pizza is it because you are concerned about your daily K points or just not hungry enough to eat.

No reason is too big or small.

Have a think about what you’ll be gaining by saying yes to those things.

You will be staying full, lazy and sleepy after having an extra portion whereas you can be more active and in control when you turn down the extra food.

Look at how your gains and relate them to what is important to you.

Let’s say you’re taking some extra calories just because you’re bored. Going out for a walk when you are bored can help you in positive ways.

It’s not just you; it is hard to say ‘no’ to few things for many of us. Try shifting your focus to making healthier habits, being active and getting good sleep which in return can help you to achieve your goals.

Saying ‘no’ is all about making healthier choices for yourself by implementing new habits in your daily life.